Havas Media Acquires PivotRoots, Bolsters M&A Expertise

Havas Media Acquires PivotRoots, Bolsters M&A Expertise
Havas Media Network’s growth relies on mergers, diversification, and core product optimization, affirms Global CEO Peter Mears

Havas Media Network is implementing a growth strategy focused on three key areas: mergers and acquisitions, diversification of services, and optimizing its core brand. The company aims to reestablish its early integration efforts and make a meaningful difference in the industry.

Peter Mears, Global CEO of Havas Media Network, discussed the agency’s progress during the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. He highlighted several acquisitions, including those in China, Australia, and now India with the acquisition of PivotRoots. Mears also mentioned that another acquisition will be announced soon.

In terms of diversification, Havas Media Network is focusing on performance marketing, ecommerce, and Havas Play. The agency has expanded its commerce capabilities and now operates in 23 different markets with expertise in online retail.

Havas Play, the third area of focus, leverages the agency’s relationship with Vivendi to assist clients at the intersection of culture and technology. This partnership provides Havas Media Network with a distinct advantage.

Regarding the optimization of its core business, Mears highlighted the use of technology, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The agency has made significant investments in its core product, both in terms of technology and talent. Mears emphasized the importance of having skilled professionals to leverage the tools effectively. The agency’s core product continues to strengthen as a result of these investments.

Overall, Havas Media Network is actively pursuing mergers and acquisitions, diversifying its services, and optimizing its core brand through technological advancements and talent development. These strategic initiatives aim to drive growth and provide innovative solutions to clients in an evolving market.

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