Jasrita Dhir Takes Charge as Director of Marketing and Communications at Karkinos Healthcare

Jasrita Dhir Karkinos Healthcare
Jasrita Dhir has recently joined Karkinos Healthcare as the Director of Marketing and Communications. Karkinos Healthcare is a purpose-driven oncology care platform that utilizes technology to provide comprehensive services.

Before joining Karkinos Healthcare, Jasrita Dhir was associated with The Max Group. During her tenure at Antara, she played a key role in establishing the brand as a trusted and beloved name among senior citizens. Her responsibilities included overseeing brand management, marketing, digital marketing, and corporate social responsibility.

Prior to Antara, Jasrita Dhir worked as an Assistant Vice President at Fortis Healthcare Group, where she led various initiatives related to brand management, marketing, digital transformation, adoption, corporate communication, and public relations. At Fortis, she focused on expanding the digital presence and leveraging it as a means to generate demand for the healthcare services provided by the organization.

Jasrita Dhir brings a wealth of experience in strategic brand management, marketing, digital marketing, and corporate communication. Her expertise and skills will contribute to Karkinos Healthcare’s efforts to enhance their marketing and communications strategies, further establishing their position in the oncology care industry.

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