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Mirovia and Commwiser India Shake Hands on Promising Partnership

Commwiser, an Indian communications agency specializing in the legal and professional services sector, has joined forces with Mirovia, a global network of PR agencies catering to legal clients. This partnership allows Commwiser to expand its presence across Europe, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, in addition to its existing operations in India and Canada. By becoming a part of Mirovia, Commwiser gains access to a diverse pool of specialized talents and resources in legal marketing, enabling them to offer more comprehensive support to their clients.

Aman Abbas, Co-founder and CEO of Commwiser, expressed excitement about joining the Mirovia network, which aligns perfectly with the global, collaborative, and quality-driven nature of the legal market. This collaboration opens up avenues for Commwiser to support their clients’ growth requirements in various parts of the world.

Furthermore, the partnership presents Commwiser India with the opportunity to benefit from Mirovia’s expertise in litigation PR and handling Class Action suits in the country. This milestone solidifies Commwiser’s position as a recognized player in the Indian legal industry.

Gus Sellitto, Founder of Byfield Consultancy in London, emphasized the significance of welcoming Commwiser and TriOn & Co., a Singapore-based strategic communications firm, as the first Asia-based members of the Mirovia network. This expansion allows Mirovia to offer broader support to clients across geographies, capitalizing on Singapore’s role as a global arbitration center and India’s projected economic growth.

Founded by Aman Abbas in 2017, Commwiser specializes in PR services for professional services and law firms, including strategic counsel, media relations, litigation PR, and digital integration.

With over 100 specialists, Mirovia’s alliance, established in 2020, comprises leading agencies from the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Latin America. Together, they collaborate to provide cross-border support and expertise to legal sector clients, assisting with profile-raising, communications, legal directories submissions, and marketing activities.

Mirovia’s extensive network positions them to support international law firms, including those from the US, in enhancing their profiles across Europe and Asia. Additionally, they offer crisis PR and litigation PR support on a global scale, working closely with dispute resolution lawyers to manage the reputation of businesses involved in cross-border litigation. In response to the growing prominence of class actions, Mirovia launched a dedicated Class Action desk last year, offering reputation management PR services to businesses involved in class actions across Europe and internationally.

Myntra’s EORS Enlists Superstar Shah Rukh Khan as Brand Ambassador

Myntra, a leading online fashion retailer, has announced that Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan will be the face of their highly anticipated 18th edition of the End of Reason Sale (EORS), a bi-annual fashion festival. Shah Rukh will appear in a number of commercials as a result of this partnership, and the brand campaign will be heavily advertised across multiple multimedia platforms both before and during EORS-18. The actor will also have significant visibility on the Myntra app, ensuring maximum engagement from the audience.

Sunder Balasubramanian, CMO of Myntra, expressed excitement about having Shah Rukh Khan associated with EORS-18, stating that his inclusion will undoubtedly elevate the event to new levels of glamour, style, and excitement. Shah Rukh Khan’s immense popularity transcends age groups and boundaries, making him a perfect fit for the inclusive fashion extravaganza that EORS represents. Balasubramanian expects this collaboration to create an unforgettable celebration of fashion, inspiring and captivating people from all walks of life.

Shah Rukh Khan himself shared his enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting the role of fashion as a means of self-expression. He expressed his excitement to work with the Myntra team and contribute to an exceptional experience for fashion enthusiasts across the country as they gear up for India’s biggest shopping carnival, EORS-18. With Shah Rukh Khan on board, Myntra aims to deliver a memorable and inspiring event that showcases the latest trends and enables individuals to express their unique style.

YouTube’s Upcoming Update Includes 30-Second Unskippable Ads for CTV

YouTube has announced its plan to introduce a new advertising format for connected TVs, consisting of 30-second unskippable ads. This move is aimed at providing a “richer storytelling” experience for viewers. The new format will replace the current practice of airing two consecutive 15-second ads on the platform.

YouTube Select, the platform’s curated content offering, will allow marketers to invest in targeted content across various categories. Media reports suggest that YouTube Select already garners over 70% of its impressions on TV.

Over the years, YouTube has successfully built a large and dedicated user base, making it a valuable platform for businesses. The platform’s creator community plays a significant role in establishing a strong connection between brands and consumers. Furthermore, YouTube enables brands to reach a demographic that is often challenging to engage with.

The introduction of 30-second unskippable ads for connected TVs on YouTube is expected to provide advertisers with enhanced storytelling opportunities and potentially capture the attention of a broader audience.

India Today Group Brings Free-to-Air English News Channel to the UK

The India Today Group has announced the forthcoming launch of India Today, its English news channel, in the UK market starting from May 31st. This development follows the successful introduction of the Group’s Hindi news channel, Aaj Tak, in the UK market. Previously, Aaj Tak and India Today operated as a hybrid channel, offering unique content to UK audiences.

With the introduction of India Today, the English news channel will be accessible to viewers as a free-to-air service, broadcasting in standard definition (SD) on Sky Channel No. 523. This positioning will place it alongside other prominent English news channels such as Sky News, BBC News, GB News, and Talk TV, as highlighted in the press release issued by the India Today Group.

Aaj Tak will continue to be shown on Sky Channel No. 710 concurrently, guaranteeing viewers never-ending access to Hindi programming. The India Today Group is thrilled to extend its linear presence to the UK audience. The organisation is well known for its thorough news coverage and unrelenting dedication to producing high-quality content.

The introduction of India Today in the UK market aims to captivate viewers with insightful reporting, engaging programs, and a steadfast dedication to journalistic excellence. This move exemplifies the India Today Group’s commitment to providing informative and relevant content to audiences worldwide.

Rep India and Value 360 Communications Unite to Establish ‘RepValue’ in Joint Venture

Indian communications firms Rep India and Value 360 Communications have joined forces to establish a new joint venture called ‘RepValue’. The collaboration aims to provide clients and brands with real-time reputation management insights and solutions.

The partnership will encompass a wide range of tech-backed capabilities, including creative innovation, content creation, online branding, crisis management, social listening, response management, SEO, social media, corporate communication, and perception management. These services will enhance the online reputation and presence of key brands.

Ayesha Chenoy, Chairperson and Founder of RepIndia, expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasizing the shared vision, ethics, and strong reputations of both firms. She highlighted the need for a strategic and seamless solution in the market, emphasizing the importance of proactive reputation management and owning the narrative.

Kunal Kishore, Founder Director of Value 360 Communications, highlighted the similar growth trajectories of both companies in the communications and digital space. He emphasized the importance of effective reputation management in a digital-first world, where online conversations greatly impact brand sentiment. The collaboration aims to raise the bar in reputation management by offering a comprehensive solution that leverages the strengths of both firms.

Archit Chenoy, CEO of RepIndia, emphasized that the strategy of RepValue will be aligned with the fundamental needs of businesses and brands. The joint venture aims to provide economies of scale in terms of pricing, efficiency, and quality to protect shareholder values.

The advisory board for RepValue will be announced in the near future, further strengthening the joint venture’s expertise and capabilities.


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